Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

I'm starting to think that every post is going to start with something along the lines of "Wow, it's been forever".

So sorry..

But it's been forever.

Jason and I have been very busy these past couple months.  Jason has been working hard in the Accounting program and we found out he got all A's!  I'm super proud of him, what a smarty pants.  I was anxious for the Christmas break.  Teaching is fun but it's definitely the hardest job I've ever had.  It's different every day and there are some really hard times but there are so many rewarding things that happen as well.

We have LOVED the apartment complex we live at.  We have the best management and the apartments are so clean.  We found out just how great our management was in November when I woke up in the middle of the night to a pounding noise over and over again.  I kept thinking, "wow, some idiot locked himself out of their apartment and now they're pounding on the door to get in.  awesome".  After a few minutes I got out of bed ready to let all hell break loose on this person that was ruining my sleep.  I opened the door and there was a policeman on the first floor and all he said was, "There's a fire on the first floor, you need to evacuate immediately."  First of all, poor Jason.  I am so high stress and I immediately freaked out.  Thank goodness that he knows how to take control in situations like that.  We got dressed and I started saying, "what do we grab, what do we take?!"  In my mind, our building was definitely burning down and we were going to lose everything.  It really put it into perspective what was most important.  Of course, I grabbed my laptop...I was terrified!  We helped knock on doors to get people out and then we headed to the street with the rest of our neighbors.  Come to find out, it was NOT our building that was on fire (phew!).  We wandered around for a few hours in the cold until they let us back into our apartments.  First thing in the morning we all received a note from our management.  Police had determined that a car was stolen, used in multiple burglaries, and then stashed underneath the front complex and lit on fire.  Luckily the fire didn't reach any of the apartments, but it caused TONS of smoke damaged and destroyed a few cars.  Here are some of the pictures I snagged in-between cleaning crews.

That wasn't the car that was stolen, but it was the unfortunate car that was parked next to it.  All the black on the ceiling, walls, and floor is smoke damage.  In the window in the above picture there used to be a metal gate.  It melted off it's hinges.  This whole experience was pretty scary but we were so grateful no one was hurt.

Moving on to Christmas.  The day after I was done teaching we headed to Michigan to be with my family.  We spent two weeks sleeping in, eating terribly delicious foods, playing games, and just relaxing.  It was exactly what we both needed!  I had been feeling stressed with my job and Jason was definitely ready and deserving of a break from the accounting program madness.  We spent time playing with our cute niece, Charlotte, and as much as I wanted to be her favorite she definitely favored Jason.  We also got to be a part of my little brother, Kevin, getting his eagle scout award.  We are so proud of you, Kevock!

We also got to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, yay!  It's hard to believe this past year has gone by so fast.  I am so lucky to be married to Jason.  We spent our anniversary at a fun little restaurant in Rochester and walked around an outdoor mall and did a little shopping.  It was perfect!

Isn't she the cutest?!

we even ventured in to Detroit!

Charlotte LOVES her Bear

and her Grammy

 Go KEV!

Charlotte's "Goofy Smile"

We loved every minute in Michigan but we were very glad to get back in to our normal schedules.  Right when we flew in to Utah we drove up to Idaho for a few days to spend a mini be-lated Christmas with the Bowman's and Mom and Dad Schow.  We loved seeing them and, as tradition, we had the most delicious fondue dinner.  Those are the best!  We also were so glad to have Mom and Dad Schow stay with us for a few days back in Provo.  We loved having them visit!

These are just a couple cute pictures of our best friends little boy.  He is the greatest little baby and we love their cute little family to death!

Natalie and I made pillows.  I LOVE mine!

One of my favorite parts of being back was when Jason called me and told me not to make dinner.  I was cleaning up in the back of our apartment and I came out and Jason had set up a cute little "French Dinner" picnic.  He is the greatest.  

mmmmm it was so delicious!

Thanks for all my loyal readers.  Sorry to disappoint with so much time between posts.  I promise one day I'll get better at this...