Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nixon Paul

I was recently reprimanded for not blogging in a really long time.  But lets be honest... it's been a REALLY really long time.  In fact, it's been so long that I've had a child!  Who would have thought?

We've thoroughly enjoyed having little Nixon in our family.  He's the best little baby!  Not only is he an easy baby, he was super easy to get in to this world!  My water broke at around 11 am on September 28.  I had tried just about everything to get him to come on time (due 9/30).  A combination of eggplant parmesan, long walks, curb running, and bouncing on a yoga ball may have contributed to that.  That morning I had gone on a 3 mile walk and bounced for a few hours on my yoga ball.  I was so frustrated because I hadn't felt any contractions during my walk.  Every day before, I had felt at least a few contractions.  I thought he was never going to come!  I was so uncomfortable and felt so huge.

For those of you who have never experienced water breaking... it's the weirdest feeling ever.  Like you're wetting your pants over and over again and you have no control over it.  Totally gross!  I went and picked up Jason and we got to the hospital around noon.  It took forever to get us checked in.  Apparently everyone was having babies that day.  I started feeling contractions and got my epidural not too long after.  Thank heavens for epidurals.  My contractions weren't even that bad yet and I was so grateful for the pain relief!

Things progressed super fast.  At 4 I was dilated to a 7.  At 5 I asked the nurse why my epidural didn't seem to be working.  I was feeling so much pressure.  She checked me and told me I was a 10 and she was going to go call my Dr to come deliver the baby.  Dr. Cloward arrived at around 5:45.  My nurse, who had been with me all afternoon, was off at 6.  She walked in and told me that she wanted to see the baby, so I'd have to push the baby out in 10 minutes.  Okay!  I started pushing before the Dr was even in the room.  It took about 6 sets of 3 pushes, or about 10 minutes or pushing, to get little Nixon out.

I'm not going to lie... it was a piece of cake.  Everything went so smoothly and it was so perfect.  We couldn't have been more excited to have Nixon here.  We have enjoyed every minute with him.  He's already smiling!  My favorite part of the day is walking in to his room in the morning and catching that first smile when I tell him, "Good Morning".  Today we were SO excited because he has almost figured out laughing!  He's super ticklish under his arms.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch it on video soon.

We are really looking forward to Christmas this year.  We are heading up to Canada to be with Jason's family.  Most of his siblings will be up there and we can't wait to see everyone!

Until the next update (sooner, rather than later.  I promise!), here is a picture dump of the past few months (sorry, they're definitely out of order...)

Jason's first time holding Nix

My Mom got there later that night.  So glad she could come!

Tiny little feet!

Thanks, Monica!

First Family Picture!