Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

Is anyone else SICK of this cold, snowy winter?  I am so tired of having to put on a coat to go outside.  I think the reason I am most excited for it to warm up is so I can take Nix outside and show him everything!  I can't wait for summer when we can play outside together.

Nixon is just the cutest baby. We absolutely adore that little kid.  My Mom always told me that it's a whole different kind of love with kids.  Once again, Mom, you were right.  We love that little boy so much.  He changes every single day and learns new things so fast. 

He loves baby einstein, snuggles, playing with his Dad, bathtime, eating, and playing with his toys.  He also loves Taylor Swift.  Last week he had a few fussy days and sometimes the only thing that would calm him down was dancing to music.  The only song I had downloaded on to my phone was Taylor Swifts new song, "Trouble".  He loved it.  And ever since then, if he needs to be calmed down, we just need to play that song.  Jason also loves to make him dance.  Here's a video of his sweet dance moves.  I accidentally covered the microphone...

This summer we're going to Canada and San Jose, California.  We're really excited for the opportunity to spend time with family and to go on some adventures in California.  It's crazy that we only have one year left in Provo!  We're excited to move forward as a family outside of Utah. 

Next month I'm turning 25....yikes!  I'm super excited for my birthday.  Mostly because Jason said he's planned the greatest birthday ever.  He's so excited I'm afraid he's going to ruin the surprise.  The last 2 birthdays, he's gotten so excited to give me my present that he ended up telling me at least a week before my actual birthday.  He's hilarious.  This birthday he's determined to keep it a secret!  Bless his heart, he is making me so anxious now!

Here's a few more pictures from the past few months, since I'm so terrible at updating.

Aaaand one more video :)