Saturday, March 31, 2012


The "bump" has emerged!  I'm 14 weeks and starting to pop just a little.  Here's the proof...

13 weeks

14 Weeks

Not too much of a difference...besides the back fat I am apparently forming.  Kind of weird the little peanut is starting to grow so fast!  He/she is the size of a lemon this week. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unspoken Competition

Time for a funny story.

I ride the train and bus every day to school.  The train drops me off and picks me up in the backyard of my school, so it's really quite perfect.

It takes one stop down the track to get to my bus, no big deal.  So when I get on the train, I just hang on right by the door so I can hop right off.

This is where it all began.

I noticed this lady who would get quite frustrated when I would stand by the door.  At first she would just stare at me when I'd get on the train.  She was a plain lady.  A little short and quite stout, but always dressed professionally.  I could tell she was single and she always slept on the bus with her baby blanket that she carried around in her backpack.  Not weird at all, right?

One day in particular I got on the train and assumed my normal position near the doors.  She immediately stood up, walked over, and stood right next to me in the doorway.  I waited until we got to our stop and pressed the button to open the door and proceeded to walk down the step.  Little did I know she was going to barge in front of me so she could get off first.  Because of her stout-ness, I still could walk faster than her at my normal pace and beat her to the bus.

Every day from then on she would be standing in my spot near the door so she could get off the train first.  And every day I would walk faster than her and still beat her to the bus.  It became this unspoken competition between us.  And I LOVED it.

Yesterday was an exception in her behavior.  It started out normal.  She was in the doorway waiting for me to get on; I sat down and smiled at her.  She glared.  Nothing out of the norm.  The exception was, when that door opened, that lady took off!  When I say take off, I mean it was like a day at the races.  Full speed ahead, she bolted toward the bus.  The rest of us were walking while she booked it to be first on the bus.

It made my day.  And I hope we always ride the bus together.

I'm secretly planning to one day take the earlier train and be waiting for her on the bus.  Just smiling.  I think she would like that :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Schow

Many of you have already heard the news, but....

We are having a BABY!!!!

We are so excited for this little baby and can't wait for him/her to get here late September.  We found out we were expecting the night that J had an intramural basketball game.  I was meeting him there and found out before I left that we were having a baby.  I had to watch that whole game and wait to tell him at the end.  We couldn't be happier!

Always gotta double check...

I'm about 12 1/2 weeks now and just had my first appointment this morning.  I LOVE my doctor and his office and I'm really excited for everything to keep progressing.  The baby is currently about 6 cm long and growing fast.  We are praying that everything continues to go smoothly and the baby keeps growing healthy and strong.

I have been feeling decent, for the most part.  I have been suffering from all day nausea and have aversions to practically all food.  My appetite is close to non-existant and I constantly have heart burn.  I feel really lucky to have such a supportive staff at my school and especially a supportive and loving husband.  There have been numerous nights where J scratches my back until I fall asleep.  I used to sleep like a baby and now I feel so bad because I keep him up all night tossing and turning and nagging at him to roll on his side so he'll stop snoring.  Poor guy!

We love living in our new house and we're excited to get the nursery all decorated once we return from Michigan at the end of the summer.  Jason will be leaving middle of April to do his internship in Michigan and I will finish teaching and join him in June :(.  I'm sad we'll be away from each other for a while but we're excited to spend some time with my family.  We're also hoping to find out the gender of the baby on April 14.  I'll barely be 16 weeks, so keep your fingers crossed we can find out before J leaves!!!

Here are some pictures from my ultrasound this morning.  The baby jumped for us and you can see the little hand scratching his/her head.

Thank you to everyone for all your love and support during this exciting time for our family.  We will keep you posted as Baby continues to grow!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We Moved!

We are out of our  minds...

In the past couple months we've been thinking that we want a bigger place.  We had our eye on a house in our ward that has 2 bedrooms.  We knew they would be moving out at some point and had been anxiously awaiting to hear from the landlords.  We talked to our friends who live there and they gave us a move-out date.  We checked out the place the next day, put our apartment on the market, and moved in (all within a 2 week span...).

We move too much.  Just ask our friends, Mike and Jill.  We are so grateful for them and always being willing to loan their truck and their muscle to help us!

A few Sunday's ago we spent a fun weekend up at our Aunt Dixie and Uncle Scott's house.  They had a big family get together with a bunch of cousins on Jason's side and we had SO much fun!  We played games, ate to our hearts content, and enjoyed good company.  They even let me take a nap...  We plan on bombarding them again in the near future, we love you guys!

This past Thursday was my birthday, I'm 24?!?!?!  Our good friends, Chris and Natalie, took us out to dinner at Texas Road House.  It was deeeelicious!  We love them.  My students all knew it was my birthday and wrote cute birthday notes all over my whiteboards.  9th graders aren't so bad after all.  We relaxed that night, Jason cleaned the whole house, and we ate yummy Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fried Rice.  Thank you, Pinterest.

Finally, I have to tell you about a contest my sister is in.  Some of you wonderful friends may already be involved, but it is VERY IMPORTANT!  Meridith is in the running (currently 1st place) to win a brand new macbook air.  I can't say how much she deserves it.  She works so hard and her hard work is about to pay off this April when she graduates from the Business program at BYU.

All you have to do is search:  Simply Mac Apple Specialist on facebook.  Like the group, go to the macbook air contest and vote for Meridith.  You can do this every 24 hours.  So if you vote at 3pm one day, you can't vote again until 3 pm the next day.


Here is the direct link to the simply mac page.

2nd place is catching up, please vote!

We love you,

The Schows