Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jet Setters

We have been so busy! Jason and I have had so much fun the past couple of weeks going on adventures. So bare with me while I upload TONS of pictures for you all and tell you some pretty fun stories that we've experienced these past couple weeks.

First things first, Jason's birthday was on July 11! I have such a hard time thinking of things to get him! We stayed at my cousin Jordan's a couple months ago and found out that he had quite the collection of polyester Wembley ties. Jason and Jordan share this same love for these old and sometimes VERY ugly ties, SO I found a bunch on Ebay to give to him. In the end I think I bought him around 35 ties. He'll be set for ties for a very long time!

One thing I was really excited to give him for his birthday was his cake. Working at DQ definitely has it's benefits, especially when it comes to ice cream cakes! Jason LOVES the Rolo Blizzard so I had a Rolo Blizzard cake made for him. I've been learning how to do projections on cakes and decided to test my skills with a projection image of Jimmer Fredette.

Don't judge, it was made with love!

We worked that day and then met up with our friends Austin and Krista Boehmer. We took off to Waterton and went to a place called "Weiners of Waterton". It's kind of like JDawgs, except they have a different special sauce and they have home made hot dog buns. It was delicious! They even had one of my favorites, sweet potato fries. And since it was Jason's birthday, he had to go back for seconds.

Soon we found ourselves down by the lake so the boys could skip rocks together. I swear, these two are like little kids when they play together.

Krista and I had a great time watching the boys and going into some shops in Waterton

The next week we headed down to Montana for the Berezay Family Reunion. Everyone brought something to donate to an auction that they have every year that helps pay for the cost of the reunion. It was so much fun! Grandpa Berezay was our auctioneer and told lots of corny jokes that we all love! Jason won us a tile that has a quote from President Hinckley that we can put in our new apartment. I was so excited!

One of my favorite parts of that weekend was driving through Logans Pass in Glacier Park. THESE are real mountains!

The next weekend we headed to Mike and Cindy Schow's hangout on Lake Blaine. It was so beautiful there! I've really come to love Montana. I told Jason I wouldn't be upset if we moved there in the future. It's so lush and green and the mountains are so perfect. It's like the perfect mixture of the trees and green I love from Michigan and the mountains I love from utah.

We had planned on staying with the Schow's until Saturday night but we had so much fun that we extended our stay until Sunday. We went boating, relaxed, played games, made s'mores, and just had a blast hanging out with family. Thanks Mike and Cindy!

Jason LOVED hanging out with Cole, the next door neighbor

And Jason practiced his mad skills

Right now we're hanging out with the Bowman's in Idaho after having seeing our wonderful friends, Mike and Jill, get sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. We couldn't be more thrilled for them! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I made friends with Mike's nephew, Jake. He came over to me and said, "Hey, I got something for ya!" and handed me a pretty little flower he plucked from the temple grounds, oops! I felt really special until I saw him pluck some more flowers and hand them out to other girls. He was such a ladies man!

And luckily I get to hang out with these cute girls for a couple days, I love you Ellie and Bails!

Until our next adventure, we love you all!

The Schows

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Sometimes I feel like life is pulling petals on good day, bad day. I feel like it's been just that for the past couple of days! With all the nonsense that happened with my ring and other things, I was ready for a dang good day. Yesterday was just that!

My wonderful friend, Jayne Bradshaw, referred my name to a principal at Mount Jordan Middle School for a teaching position. We set up an interview right away and he interviewed me yesterday afternoon for an hour and a half! I'm really hopeful that I'll be offered this position, so keep your fingers crossed for me pretty please!

When I went back to work, Jason was in the back office and he had just found out he was accepted to the BYU Accounting Program! I am so proud of all his hard work that helped him get into this program. We're also grateful for everyone who kept him in their prayers while we awaited the results. So.... THANK YOU! Jason plans on finishing the Junior Core (2 semesters) and heading into the masters program, another 2 years. So proud of my smart husband!

We've been discussing our plans for when we are going to head back down to Provo for the new school year and were still concerned that we hadn't found an apartment. It was one of the things that would be a huge help in figuring our dates for our exciting return. On our way home we were discussing what the heck we were going to do. Jason dropped me off, then called 5 minutes later and said, "Forget everything we just talked about in the car, we just got a call that we have an apartment!".

Good things come to those who wait :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Life

Well, Jason was right. I didn't have to blog every day. Life gets too crazy and too many things happen to keep up with something like this, but I thought I would give everyone a big update on our latest adventures.

I need to finish about our trip to San Francisco first....

My FAVORITE part of our San Francisco trip was the Trolley Car ride. We had so much fun! Jason got to hang off the side and, as you will be able to tell from the pictures, enjoyed himself quiiiite a bit.

The rest of us enjoyed ourselves as well. The trolley took us all over San Fran. On one of the hills, we were going down pretty fast and we all saw a car parked on the tracks ahead. And yet, we kept going faster and faster toward this car. I was honestly wondering if we were going to hit it. But the car didn't move! The trolley driver stopped within inches of this car. Jason proudly was the one who barely had to extend his arm to knock on this guy's rear window. Honestly, I don't see how you wouldn't see a trolley barrelling down the street towards you. This man, however, did not.

Overall we just had a blast with family at the wedding and playing in San Francisco. It was so much fun to spend time with parents, siblings, and relatives. We miss them!

Our last adventure in San Fran was a boat ride and tour at Alcatraz. It was so cool! It was the most beautiful day we had in San Francisco, and the warmest day they had had on the island so far that year. It was so interesting to hear the stories of the prison and it's prisoners.

After San Francisco I headed to Phoenix for my best friend, Monica's, wedding and Jason headed home. I was SO lucky to be able to stay with Liv and Tyler Schow and their kids for a day! Liv and I got to chat and we played with the kids, did some shopping. I enjoyed every minute with their cute little family.

Liv had always wanted to dress cute Jake in Lola's old clothes to surprise Tyler when he comes home from school. So lucky for me I got to witness the before and after, as well as Tylers very displeased reaction to his handsome little boy all dolled up. It was so funny!

Then came one of the greatest days ever. I got to be at Monica and Kolter Duke's amazing temple sealing and reception. It was so special to be a part of their big day. Monica looked absolutely beautiful and the day was perfect. With all the business of the wedding, I was only able to snap one picture of my gorgeous friend. Congratulations Monica and Kolter!

I was glad to get home to my husband and get back to normal life. Nothing too exciting had happened since we got home until yesterday. It was one of the worst days I've had in a long time. Everything just seemed to keep going wrong! I went on a trail ride the day before and got really sunburned on my face. If it wasn't painful enough, I was bit by a mosquito on my sunburn. This may not seem like a huge deal, but there are mosquito's out here that travel in vicious armies! They attack over and over again. It's the worst I've ever seen them!

As the day went on, other things kept happening. I broke off half of my big toe on a cabinet door and then decided to take a nap. Apparently we now know what a "heavy sleeper" I am because when I woke up I looked down on the bed and saw what I thought was my CZ earring. Nope... it was definitely the main diamond of my wedding ring. Still in it's prongs, it detached itself from the entire ring. WHAT THE HECK?! That was the cherry on my awful day. I was so ready for a new day to begin, let me tell you!

I have pictures to post of my fun and exciting trail ride, but will update with that later. I think this is far too much of an update for now. Thanks for reading!