Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Michigan Summer

Well we made it to Michigan!  We've had a busy couple of months.  Jason left for Michigan in April and I finished my first year of teaching.  I LOVED my students and had so much fun teaching this year, but I was beyond excited to get to Michigan to be with Jason.  A month and a half away from each other was not ideal and we couldn't wait to be back together. I had planned on leaving a day early and getting my classroom all packed up early so i could get on the road.  I found out I probably could have skipped the whole last 3 days of school.  They were a complete JOKE!  It was nothing like what I grew up with.  In my middle/high school we spent the last 3 days splitting our classes into half-days so we could take finals.  My students took their finals almost 2 weeks before the end of school.  The last 3 days of school students were just going around the school and hanging out in different classrooms.  On the very last day I walked into the school and wondered where all the students were.  There were no more than 50-75 students in the school and they were running around playing hide and go seek and organized a dodge ball game.  IT WAS SO LAME!  And so incredibly boring.  Had I known, I would have left even sooner to get home to Michigan.

Meridith and I made the loooong drive from Utah to Michigan (about 25 hours...yuck!)  over two days. We were so ready to get out of the car!  I surprised Jason at work and it was so fun to see how he reacted to how much my stomach had grown!  He also got to feel the baby kick for the first time.  The other night it felt like the baby was literally running up and down the walls of my stomach and Jason had so much fun feeling him move around.  We've mostly just been hanging out with family while we've been here.  We've spent lots of time with our cute nieces, Charlotte and Clara.  On Sunday Clara was blessed in church and we had a big family dinner at Peter and Emily's.  We've loved being so close to them!

So for a little pregnancy update, I'm 25 weeks along!  The little man is growing fast and we can feel him moving all the time.  He's a wild child already, definitely his fathers son.

I already feel massive and it's hard to imagine that I'll probably triple in size before he comes.  I've still been sick on and off and have a hard time eating some of the time.  It's been hard to find food that sounds appetizing, although I am a HUGE fan of slurpies and McDonalds smoothies.  Amazingly enough, I still have barely gained more than 6-8 lbs.  Lets hope I don't blow up like a whale in these last 3 months!  

We have so many cute baby clothes already, I can't wait to dress him up!  Recently, we made a trip to Salvation Army.  I have been wanting cute little OshKosh jean overalls for a really long time.  Check out the cute pair I found and the other fun things we've received from our Mom's!

Last night I came across a classifieds ad of a girl who thought she was having a boy...but she definitely had a girl.  She sold all her brand new baby boy clothes to me (over 100 pieces) for $40!  I'm so excited!  I think we're definitely set on baby clothes for this kid.