Monday, May 30, 2011

"Our" First Post!

I call this "our" first post, even though when I told Jason I was making us a blog we both agreed I was making ME a blog... It's true.

In any case, living in Canada has left me feeling a little disconnected to the world and I'm hoping this will bridge that feeling. A majority of people know that yes, we are living in Canada. We're working for Jason's Dad's Dairy Queen up in Cardston, Alberta. Let me tell you, this little town is quite the place. Being the only fast food place in the whole town, it's jam packed every single day. I've never worked fast food before, but it's been a really good experience so far.

We're also really excited to be spending some time with Jason's parents, Kathy and Larry. Kathy is a wonderful cook and is definitely going to be expanding my recipe book. My favorite part about living in the basement is when Larry answers the phone. He still uses a walker to get around the house and whenever the phone rings you hear "clunk clunk clunk" really fast across the floor as he races to the phone. Kills me every time!

Cardston borders one of the (if not THE) biggest native reservations in Canada. The majority of our customers are natives, which sometimes makes things very interesting. We had an issue where an order was supposed to be split into two separate orders, but the girl working drive thru didn't hear him make the request. So after apologizing and getting a little flustered over the situation, this man came in and angrily told Jason that our establishment was racist.

Another funny story... I was working drive thru and these two natives who were slightly... ok VERY inebriated. After I took money, I heard one say "hey what's your name?" as I was walking away. I ignored it, but when I went back to give them their food he started talking again, "hey you know how much they make at the DQ in Fort McMurray?" No, and I could care less. "how much?", I replied. "14 bucks an hour. Wuddya say you come live with me in Fort Mcmurray?" When hell freezes over! Instead I simply held up my bling and said, "Hah, well I don't think my husband would appreciate that" to which he replied with all the class in the world, "Well i would". I quickly shouted a "have a nice day" and shut the drive thru window.

That's probably the most interesting thing that's happening since getting here. We're enjoying our time here but are SUPER excited to go to California for Meridith and Kevin's wedding, CONGRATS GUYS! And a week later I get to fly to Phoenix for my best friend, Monica's wedding. We are so excited to take a trip together and I'm anxious to see my family. It has been far too long.

Speaking of long, this post is long. Until next time, We love you all!

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  1. Sounds like you are having quite the stay! That sounds like so much fun. Glad to hear you are doing good.